Legal IT Jobs – An Upcoming Field

The field of information technology and lawyers is fascinating both from academic as well as practical perspective. Scopes of applying Information Technology to law are enormous and so are legal IT jobs. The gap between attorneys and information technology is zeroing due to the Internet and amount of legal sources found online. With the increase in cyber crime, the need of information technology rules and regulations increases by day. More and more lawyers opt to specialist in this field.

Legal Government Jobs:

There are tremendous prospects of a legal career with the government even if one does not have a Governmental Affairs Certificate. There are job opportunities for lawyers at the state, federal, county and city levels. The practice areas can be very specialized depending on the jurisdiction of an agency or office. Thousands of practicing attorneys and many others with a JD are employed with the Federal Government and work in law-related or non-legal positions. All federal agencies have lawyer positions, but one may concentrate job search on agencies hiring largest number of attorneys. Working for an agency during summer in either a paid position or as a volunteer is the best way of getting these jobs.

Legal International Jobs:

As the as economy becomes increasingly international, almost all fields have an international component to them. The most recent JDs have immense job prospects aboard. They attain this goal one can start planning at as a student by studying abroad, interning internationally, learning a foreign language, taking international law course, networking and specializing in International and Comparative Law joining American Society of International law and attending conferences publishing research in an international law journal. Rather than focusing job search on a specific country, one should be sector specific because employers can then arrange visas and designate the country in which you will work. For those opting for private sector, options are international finance, international trade, securities, legal IT jobs and consulting. If public sector appeals you than go in for environmental, women and children’s rights, human rights, refugee, humanitarian, criminal sector and the most important key to attain an international job is researching your sector.