Exploring Legal Secretary Jobs

An exciting and rewarding career is yours for the asking if you are a legal secretary. Legal secretary jobs are out there for the right people who are ready for a challenging job that will keep them in the work force for many years. There is and always will be a need for attorneys. They are a busy group of professionals who need qualified people to organize their work for them and basically keep the “home fires burning”!

You may be very interested in legal proceedings and wonder what it would be like to work in a lawyer’s office. If nothing else, you will learn a lot about the law and have fun doing it. It is a career path that brings years of joy to many people and has many opportunities along the way for sincere and hard working individuals.

A legal secretary actually wears many hats and there are several job titles that he or she might have. For example, a paralegal (or a legal assistant) has extensive legal training but isn’t an attorney. Many lawyers depend on their paralegals to do extensive research and gather all of the information regarding a particular case. A paralegal must be a highly responsible person who does extensive detail and research work. While a paralegal probably spends many, many hours investigating and compiling a case, he or she makes about half as much money as an attorney.

A legal receptionist generally works the front desk and answers telephone calls. She is a vital part of any law office staff because she is the first impression clients get about a particular lawyer and law firm. Most law firms have additional people who support the rest of the staff. These administrative personnel do the filing, accounting, bookkeeping, and billing for the firm. Law practices also hire runners, part-time help and marketing directors. All of these people are extremely important aspects that contribute to a law firm’s success.

A person with the title “legal secretary” is someone who is there to perform all of the administrative functions for the attorney. He or she must be fully equipped to handle legal questions that might arise or at least be able to make the right referrals for answers. Legal secretary jobs require a person to organize the day-to-day affairs of the attorney and be available to attend court sessions and proceedings as required.